Sergey "George" Petrushin
Sergey "George" Petrushin is the Chief Executive Officer of Caputo Public Relations and leads company growth while advising clients on major initiatives. An early adopter of public relations after the fall of the Soviet Union, he first established the Zeppelin brand in 1997 and founded the renowned Zeppelin nightclub in 1999, building it into one of the first premium nightclubs in Moscow.

Zeppelin Production Agency was established in 2004 and focused on management of special events, music festivals and concerts through promotional, advertising, below-the-line, and public relations campaigns. His clients include Alfa-Bank, Jaguar, BMW, Ralph Lauren, Range Rover, Bacardi, Mercedes Benz, Motorola, and many more leading global brands.

Today, Sergey is widely known as an innovator of music culture and produced Europe's largest electronic music festivals. Sergey also is a major art collector and in April 2012, he and his wife Julia opened Zeppelin Gallery, a modern art space presenting photo exhibitions of leading Russian photographers. He resides in Moscow and Miami Beach. He can be reached at or 305-588-0842.
Michael Caputo
Michael Caputo is the Managing Director of Caputo Public Relations and provides strategic counsel to clients. Michael has 30 years of global communications experience with government, political campaigns, trade associations, and Fortune 500 corporations. Lauded by New York Times for his "high octane brain", he is also the only executive in history who has worked for both the White House and the Kremlin.

Michael's work has been commended by reporters across the spectrum for spirited, creative and unrelenting advocacy of his clients. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Pravda, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and many other global media outlets.

Michael worked with field grade Army officers as a young public affairs specialist for the 25th Infantry Division and has counseled senior leaders ever since. After majoring in journalism and foreign affairs at SUNY Buffalo, he worked with presidential candidate Jack Kemp, Hollywood director David Lynch, MTV's Rock the Vote, US President George HW Bush, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and the US, Russian and Ukrainian national legislatures. He has advised leading corporations like Mercedes Benz, Koch Industries, Merrill Lynch, Amway, Best Buy, Las Vegas Sands, and more. He resides in Buffalo, NY and Miami Beach and can be reached at or 716-867-5554.
Shannon Polvino
Shannon is an Account Executive at Caputo Public Relations. Shannon manages client projects, directs social media efforts, prepares media research, and contributes to policy communication projects. She recently graduated from SUNY Buffalo State with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Communication. During her free time, Shannon enjoys going to concerts, singing, and salsa dancing. To contact Shannon, please email her at or call her at 716-597-5188.
Sean Dwyer
Sean Dwyer is an Account Executive and our go-to guy on video, podcasting and broadcasting. A United States Air Force veteran and graduate of SUNY Buffalo State with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Sean's background comes from experience working in newsrooms, radio stations, marketing departments, and military bases.

Sean hosts and produces a weekly podcast and spends his free time staying on top of the latest technology trends. Sean can be reached at
William Rey
Will is an Senior Account Executive at CPR. A communications graduate from University of Central Florida, he has worked in television news and public relations for 20 years. An experienced producer and videographer, he has worn many hats on innumerable video productions for non-profit, political campaign and corporate clients. And as an accomplished event planner, he plans and produces high-profile events for CPR clients. You can reach Will at
Scott Relan
Relan is CPRs Creative Director. His breadth of experience encompasses strategic communications and media, campaigns, creative direction, public policy, marketing and large program management for 20+ years at the national level. Relan's communications experience and net-centric focus comes from stints as director at dynamic national advertising firms and campaigns. He has had both feet planted into all aspects of successful retail, community relations and issue and political communications, in the U.S. and abroad.

Past clients and special projects include NGOs, Utilities, USAID, DARPA, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, NRA, Time Warner, Kawasaki, National Geographic, Williams Companies, Six Flags, the Everglades Foundation, American Red Cross and numerous non-profit foundations, arts and independent social awareness productions. Relan has served as senior staff to two Presidential candidates and has worked numerous federal/state political campaigns, ballot initiatives, policy projects, private foundations and international democracy projects on three continents. He can be reached at

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